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HOT BOOKS - Sold Out from Diamond and on the Rise!

Posted by Lev Gru on

Greetings comic book readers, collectors, and investors! We are glad to bring all of you this new weekly article in which we highlight some hot sold out books from Diamond (comic book distribution company). Since this is my first article I thought we would keep it simple and start with some popular Marvel titles. 

          Captain America Steve Rogers #1          Spider-man Deadpool

Now I’m sure everyone already knows that Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 and Spider-man Deadpool are the hottest books from Marvel right now. However, I would like to bring up a few other books that are also sold out from Diamond and have a solid potential to increase in price in the future. 

              Black Panther #1 First Print               Poe Dameron #1             Gwenpool #0

 First there is Black Panther #1, not only is this book sold out and on it’s second printing, but it is already going up in price in the "aftermarket." With Black Panther being such a popular character from Captain America: Civil War, and his own movie on the way, this book has huge potential for investors and collectors. 

Next up is Poe Dameron #1, which is also sold out and on its second printing. When it comes to the first issues of Star Wars comic books, it’s a no-brainer, plus he’s such a cool character. In addition, he is going to appear in the upcoming Star Wars movies. Lastly, I want to bring up Gwenpool #0. We all know that Gwenpool is the hottest new character from Marvel and she is showing up on all types of variant covers. Love her or hate her, it seems like she is here to stay for the moment. All of her books have sold out and gone to second printings. Don’t get left behind and let the Gwenpool wagon roll right past you. If you haven’t had the chance to pick up any of these three titles I highly suggest you stop procrastinating and get on it. Luckily for you, we still have copies of these three titles in stock. Not only are these books great reads, they also have huge potential to make big bucks in the aftermarket down the road. I would like to thank you for checking out my article and I will have plenty more to come.