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Deadpool Vs Gambit and Star Wars Force Awakens !

Posted by Lev Gru on

Greetings comic book readers, collectors, and investors! This week Marvel brings us two new mini-series:

Deadpool V. Gambit and Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Adaptation



Deadpool V. Gambit #1 looks like a super fun read because it seems that the chemistry

between those two characters will translate very well (kind of like Spiderman-Deadpool).

Marvel description:

Gambit - one of the smoothest, best-looking operators in the world of the X-Men. 

Deadpool -one of the most annoying, ugliest dirtbags in the world of everything. 

Naturally, these guys got beef. But do you know what they have in common? A secret history of working

together to pull con-jobs. That's right, the grift is on as the Regenerating Degenerate and

the Ragin; Cajun begrudgingly take on one last job together. Writers Ben Acker & Ben

Blacker (THUNDERBOLTS, The Thrilling Adventure Hour and artist Danilo Beyruth (GWENPOOL) 

lead us into the dirty underbelly of Deadpool and the squeaky-clean abs of Gambit! Parental Advisory.

Both characters have movies coming out next year, Deadpool always being a hot character and

Gambit being a fan favorite. This book could be a potentially good investment down the road.






     Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Adaptation #1 is the newest installment of the Star Wars

books and it comes with 8 variant covers. 

Marvel Description:

It's true - all of it! The biggest movie of the year jumps from the big screen to the comic book

page! It's been three decades since the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star and toppled

the Galactic Empire, but now, on the remote planet of Jakku, there is a stirring in the Force. A

young scavenger named Rey... a deserting stormtrooper named Finn... an ace pilot name Poe...

and a dark apprentice named Kylo Ren. Their lives are about to collide as the awakening

begins. Written by Chuck Wendig (STAR WARS: AFTERMATH) and drawn by Luke Ross

(HERCULES), take us on our first steps back into the Saga of a lifetime!

Rated T.

This series will cover the content of the movie and hopefully shed some light on questions left

from the film. We are hoping that they will go into a little more of the new characters’ backgrounds, but we will all

find out this Wednesday!

Both titles will be terrific reads to say the least. Gauntlet Comic Books has the regular covers and all the variant

covers available for both series available for pre-order.  Thanks for reading and catch you next time.